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About our Recovery and Empowerment for Families Program

Help for Families to Solve Issues Leading to or Raised by Substance Abuse

The flexible design of Recovery and Empowerment for Families (R.E.F.) is tailored to each families' unique situation and family member dynamics. A "one size fits all" approach simply fails to meet the varied needs of each different family. Often, families have struggled for years to not only understand their loved one's substance abuse; but to also identify and alleviate the problems between members of the family that have resulted as an indirect consequence of substance abuse. R.E.F. seeks to provide positive family structure and deal with the difficult questions that plague families effected by substance abuse. It has been priceless to see the looks of hope on parents or spouses faces when a question they have had for years is answered in one of our sessions.  The harm the family has typically suffered from substance abuse has come from an addictive process that has taken place over months or even years. It is our objective to combat this with a healthy process of support and family interaction that can be maintained for life.  R.E.F. does not offer a quick fix but a gradual restructuring of the unhealthy areas that can exist in any family. Our sessions have helped to provide guidance, analysis, and support to bring healing to families that have suffered from substance abuse.

The following is an email I received from a client:
"I can't begin to express how meaningful our session with you was, to all of us. I am starting to understand your support, seems that it has to be the right time, the right reasons and the right supporter. That all came together on Tuesday.  We are anxious to continue with the program."

The next entries were spoken by clients during sessions:

R.E.F. has had powerful feedback in its inaugural period. 
"I don't know what families do who don't have access to a program like this."

"The material covered in R.E.F. has hit the bulls eye on what we have been dealing with and has done this time after time."

Recovery and Empowerment for Families (REF) is an education program that
1. works with a family to identify and address family habits, attitudes, and problems that increase the probability of substance abuse in the family; and
2. provides recovery support to help the family to develop a strong and effective system to help family members avoid substance abuse and solve a wide range of problems; and
3. helps develop an effective family plan for navigating available options to strengthen the family system and help individual members make positive choices.
“Family”, while usually sharing a sense of ongoing mutual loyalty and responsibility (as opposed to being united for a short time by a common goal or purpose), can include anyone a person feels is family.  REF does not provide drug treatment of any kind.

REF follows a “family-focused” (or family systems) methodology that engages the family in assessing, identifying, and addressing problems within the family system including those that increase the likelihood of substance abuse in the family.  Information is provided to the family to help clarify the confusing maze of treatment options and services. REF is a unique recovery support program that fills the gap between drug treatment and family counseling.

Solutions for Basic Problems

Recovery Recovery and Empowerment for Families helps the family to solve basic problems. What affects one family member affects all the other family members. A family member who uses drugs may do so in part in response to family problems. The User’s drug problem, not addressed by REF, may worsen the other problems faced by the family. The family needs the help that REF can provide to address many basic problems that are not obviously related to substance abuse. A REF coordinator can help the family to identify and solve a wide range of problems and change the patterns that may affect substance abuse. The result is a more effective family.

Your Family can Benefit from Recovery & Empowerment

Most families have weaknesses that can contribute to substance abuse. Participation in the Recovery and Empowerment for Families (REF) program can significantly improve your family’s chances of avoiding ongoing problems related to substance abuse. REF can help your family to more effectively identify and meet its goals. Your encouragement of family participation in REF could be the most loving gift you could give.  Contact Wing Haven today to schedule your family participation.