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Help to Identify the Best Job for You

This practical workshop that gives you a breakthrough understanding of your personality, how it compares to other personalities, how it affects relationships, and how to identify and find the best job for you. The best job for you is one that you enjoy the most and that makes the best use of your strengths. This workshop uses the world’s best methods based on 30 years of research with many thousands of people.

Everyone who does not understand Myers-Briggs Personality Types and their importance in relationships and in job preferences will benefit from this workshop.

  • College students and high school seniors: extremely valuable in your choice of relationships and career directions.
  • Married couples: understanding personality types (yours and your spouse) is vital for relationship development and mutual support of expectations and goals and work.
  • Adults of any age: If you don’t know the amazing value of understanding personality types, take this workshop and learn how understanding personality types can help your relationships and help you to optimize your career.

The workshop sessions include the following topics:

  • What are personality types and what is your personality type
  • What are the job types that are good for your personality type; list of 50
  • Focus the list of job types to the top 5 best for you by using a specialized on-line analysis system
  • Create a resume and learn about the job market