Welcome to Wing Haven!

About our Support for Families

Wing Haven believes that families are the building blocks of society.  A strong and healthy family raises children of quality character and who will be productive contributors to their community. Such a family forms a safe haven of their home where burdens can be shared and carried and solved. Such a family creates a mutually supportive environment where the parents can find encouragement and support in each other. Goals are set and supportive structures are in place to enable meeting those goals. Sound like too much to hope for? Let us help you achieve this worthy vision for your family!

We have established two innovative programs to help you address family problems and meet your vision for your family.  

Our program called Recovery and Empowerment for Families (R.E.F.) is specifically designed for families dealing with issues raised by and affected by substance abuse.  REF does not provide drug treatment.  Please click on the sub-tab above to learn more about this program.  

The Effective Family Program is a comprehensive program covering issues faced by many families, basic problem solving skills, counseling, care of children, discipline, anger management, career services, money management and household management.  This program can be tailored for your specific family's needs.  Please click on the sub-tab above titled Effective Family Program to learn more.

Many families in our programs have experienced or are experiencing some level of domestic violence.  Because this is an issue that affects many aspects of the family, our two main programs are designed to address this issue.  As we state in our About Us page, domestic violence is a focus of Wing Haven from its inception in 2002. We understand the complexity of the issue and its far-reaching affects. If you are struggling with domestic violence in your family, our comprehensive programs were created with you in mind. Know that there is hope for you. We will be honored to come alongside you to help you find the way to restoration.