Welcome to Wing Haven!

About us

Our Mission

Wing Haven seeks extend the love of Jesus Christ by providing counseling, personal development, seminars, and retreats that help families and individuals to live more effectively.

Our Vision

Wing Haven envisions recovery and empowerment for families and individuals to effectively identify and solve basic problems that block an abundant life.

Our Values

  • We affirm that God’s common grace flows through our work ministering to everyone we serve.
  • We affirm that all people are made in the image of God and we seek to provide a context for the love of Jesus Christ to be extended to them.
  • We affirm men and women as individuals and in their role as parents in providing a secure foundation for their children through a life free of actions that destroy relationships.
  • We affirm that parents and children are impacted deeply in their thought-patterns by family problems and seek to provide opportunities for the renewal of their thinking.

Our History

Wing Haven was founded by a family who has a passion to see individuals, parents, and children transformed from living and thinking based on fear of personal and domestic problems of a wide variety of types to living and thinking based on wholeness and joy. We have created a place and a program where people can pull up their chairs to the family banqueting table and find open arms and nourishment - body and soul.

Wing Haven was officially incorporated in 2002 by Sarah McOwen who left her job as a corporate attorney at Morrison and Forrester, LLP to follow her passion to help abused women and their children through Wing Haven. Sarah’s legal and volunteer experience, including serving as a board member and advocate for Child Advocates (C.A.S.A.), exposed her to the needs of abuse victims.

A professional and committed board of directors was also recruited in 2002. We are proud to have national representation through our board members who live in California, Colorado, and Texas. Each member possesses professional expertise that enables him or her to actively guide the organization to fulfill its vision. Among our seven members, there are at least seven advanced degrees (including theological, engineering, medical and law). Our members professional backgrounds include an executive from a Fortune 500 company, a teacher, a seminary professor, a President of a leadership training organization, several deacons, professional career counselors, a founding pastor of a large church, several women’s ministers, and an attorney.

Wing Haven is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is governed by a committed board of directors who have extensive professional qualifications. Wing Haven is funded by a combination of donations and fees for services provided. Some of the fees are from government contracts and others are from individuals including individual insurance. Some of the fees for services provided are from Haven of Hope for work provided by Wing Haven staff and materials. Your contributions to Wing Haven are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

We provide services to people of any faith, race, creed, or religion. Wing Haven welcomes diverse backgrounds. 

Wing Haven’s Federal tax identification number is: 11-3658615.