Wing Haven: from despair . . . to hope, restoration, & empowerment

Wing Haven moves people from despair toward hope, restoration and empowerment.  Wing Haven provides counseling, personal development, seminars, and retreats.  Wing Haven was founded by a family who has a passion to see individuals, parents and children transformed from living and thinking based on fear of personal and domestic problems (of a wide variety of types, especially abuse) to living and thinking based on wholeness and joy.  They, along with the board and many volunteers, have created a place and a program where people can pull up their chairs to the family banqueting table and find open arms and nourishment – body and soul.

Our passion is to help persons affected by abuse.  Because abuse has far-reaching affects our programs are also far-reaching and comprehensive.  We offer counseling, family drug prevention and reduction services, personal development services and seminars and retreats.  Each service is available for those who have not been affected by abuse, but the reality is that the majority of our work is in the area of direct or indirect abuse. 

Our services are primarily offered at our beautiful campus consisting of a well-ordered counseling office, 6 homes, a “New England style” church building (used for events, our children’s programs, and seminars), and lovely gardens.  This property has become an allegory of what our services offer.  Once in complete disrepair, broken down and ill-used, the founding family and volunteers brought new life to the property through years of dedicated work and loving attention.  The “before” pictures are but skeletons compared to the inspiring, full-of-life offices and homes that are now welcoming those who are despairing yet finding new hope.

We serve individuals and families in Southeastern Ohio as well as from other areas through special retreats and seminars.  Our high quality staff (including licensed professionals) sees themselves as integral to our clients’ restoration and empowerment.  They consider each client’s needs as just as important as a family member’s needs and seek to make sure that appropriate support is offered.  This takes our services beyond mere programs to personal life-changing empowerment.

Please click on the various tabs on this site to learn more about our board, staff, and life-changing services.  Get to know us.  And let us get to know you by contacting us with any needs or questions!

Wing Haven is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is governed by a committed board of directors who have extensive professional qualifications. Wing Haven is funded by a combination of donations and fees for services provided. Some of the fees are from government contracts and others are from individuals including individual insurance. Your contributions to Wing Haven are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Wing Haven’s Federal tax identification number is: 11-3658615.